The Solar Process

How Solar works

Get an overview of how solar works efficiently to cut costs

How do solar photovoltaic (PV) panels work?

The Solar Process

Solar panels harness the sun’s free energy and reduce your power bills! The upkeep costs are minimal too. Unlike other renewable energy options with moving parts that tend to break (think turbines needed for wind or hydropower), a static solar system is low maintenance.

Even better, solar batteries automatically kick in during a power cut to instantly restore energy, reduce your down time and give independence from the national grid.

We tailor-design your solar system specific to your energy requirements. You can purchase as many solar panels as you need and add to it later if you wish. Solar panels will also… reduce your carbon footprint with a completely renewable source of energy and cater for areas with lower sunshine hours.

It is important to most that you are adding value to your home, which you are! But you are also attaining at least a 10% return on your investment.