Commercial Solar Panel Solutions

Lead the way with tactics that pay!

Energy is crucial to the everyday running of a business, yet electricity prices continue to rise and power can often be one of the largest overheads a business owner can have. Increasingly, customers are also weighing up a company’s environmental footprint before purchasing.

Here are some other reasons why your business should consider going solar…

  • Solar panels generate the most power during daylight hours, which is when the majority of businesses need the most power.
  • Solar panels are low maintenance & have almost no upkeep costs (unlike other renewable energy systems with moving parts that are more prone to breakages e.g. the turbines needed for wind or hydropower).
  • A solar panel system can be tailored to meet your business’ specific energy requirements. You only purchase as many panels as you need. The number of panels can also be increased later (or even moved) if those needs change.
  • Solar panels have an anti-reflective coating that attracts more light & less surface dust. The coating also reduces potential glare for neighbours.
  • Reduce reliance on electric power infrastructure by producing your own power onsite & being self-sufficient when your company needs to be.
  • Solar power is an easy way to help your company meet any financial, sustainability & social KPIs.
  • Receive a strong return on your company’s solar investment. Years of experience tells us that most businesses break even in just 6-9 years, which is an 11-14% return on your investment!
  • Add capital value to your commercial property. A growing number of future buyers care deeply about renewable energy. There were over 4,000 solar installations in NZ in 2018.

Why Use Our PV Solar Panels?

  • We insist on using Trina Tier 1 solar panels, renowned for their technical attributes & high quality. Trina is a global leader in photovoltaic (PV) technology & sustainability practices & has been endorsed by Bloomberg New Energy Finance.
  • A Tier 1 solar panel is made by a manufacturer that has been rated in the top category by a reputable independent PV industry analyst. This means that the manufacturer performs at the highest level in areas like durability & quality, technical performance, service & support, financial stability & manufacturing scale.
  • The panels are specifically designed for tough Australasian conditions – certified to withstand high winds, heavy snow, coastal salt & in the case of Rotorua, ammonia.
  • As testament to their reliability & longevity, these commercial panels come with an industry-leading 30-year warranty.
  • We are the only solar company in New Zealand to stock bifacial panels, which increase your energy output by producing solar power from both sides of the panel.
  • We also supply frameless panels, a customer favourite because they blend in & appear to ‘float’ above the roof.
  • We provide free quotes & promise not to sell you more solar products than you need!
  • We organise checks by structural engineers for our confirmed commercial customers to make extra sure that what we recommend suits your business property.
  • We have been chosen as the official Central North Island distributor for Mercury Solar. So you deal with our small, personable company, with the added benefit of technical support from a large corporate that has installed hundreds of commercial solar systems throughout NZ & the Pacific. We give you the option to retain your regular energy provider or choose Mercury & receive extra rewards.

We were featured on TV1 news for our Solar installation at Arataki Honey, have a watch here:


Russell Thorogood, Axis

“You’re crazy not to go solar if you are a commercial user! Power is always going up in price and the sun will keep on shining. Yes there is an investment to do it, but you start saving straight away, get your money back multiple times over and it also gives your company a lovely clean and green image. We are so happy with our savings we have already made over a year on and the system has been sized almost perfectly to our energy usage. Ecoefficient Solutions were great to deal with, nothing was ever a problem and the small issues that did arise were dealt with straight away. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Ecoefficient to other commercial users thinking about solar.”


Rhys Flack, Arataki Honey

“Laura Kerr, from Ecoefficient Solutions recognised our solar potential and studied all available data and physical aspect of our site before presenting us with an exciting and cost effective proposal for us to consider. We have been very impressed with the professionalism and customer service throughout the whole process. Her belief and commitment to sustainable energy solutions was infectious. We would recommend Ecoefficient Solutions and their team to evaluate your potential to become a part of the solar energy future.”