Do you need to charge your electric vehicle?

  • We can provide you with an Electric Car charger that is affordable & will suit your needs
  • You can charge your car from the grid OR from your solar panels during the day
  • It is best to charge your car during the day from your solar but you can charge it from a battery if it is pulling a low amount of power
  • We recommend charging your car daily, rather than a full charge every day
  • If you are a commercial business, then it is a great idea to have an electric car charging point outside your business, not only does it attract more customers, but
  • it shows you are current with upcoming technologies
  • A recent survey of 21,000 NZ’s showed that 86% of them would buy an electric car if they were priced the same as an ordinary car (and prices of electric cars are plummeting!)
  • There are already 15,000 EV’s on our roads today
  • We can install electric car chargers and electric car charging stations in Napier, Hastings, greater Hawkes Bay and throughout the lower North Island.

Our clever customer John installed Solar to act as a carport for his electric car