Solar Batteries

Thinking About Solar Batteries?

Having a battery combined with Solar allows you to save even more on your power-bill, but it also allows you to have power in a power-cut. If you are rural, and experience frequent power-cuts, it may be time for you to look into a solar battery system. As an official Tesla distributor we provide the best-quality batteries on the market today.

As a company we have made the decision to only provide Lithium Ion Batteries.

These batteries hold their charge for longer than other batteries & charge more quickly than other batteries. They have a higher power rating but are relatively small in size. They are extremely low maintenance. Other types of batteries require a regular discharge to maintain optimal performance, but not lithium-ion ones, they can receive regular charges with minimal drop in capacity. They have great longevity & perform reliably over a very long period.
It pays to be green & it’s all power to solar in a black out.
We can provide the Tesla Power-wall 2 battery.
We also have access to other brands such as BYD and SolaX
Our battery storage options range from 4.8kW through to 14kW, however you can keep on adding to these and go much larger over time if required
All of our batteries now come with a 10 year warranty
Ecoefficient offer solar batteries in Napier, Hastings, greater Hawkes Bay and most of the lower North Island.