Are you building a new home?

  • Would you like to see whether or not underfloor heating is an option for your new build? Get in touch to find out what this option can do for you.
  • We provide excellent, high quality underfloor heating systems with a unique system called Polar Energi
  • We don’t heat your underfloor via an element, rather we use a hot water heat pump to be the heat source for your system
  • Our underfloor heating system is not as cheap to install as normal electric underfloor heating, however it is MUCH cheaper to run
  • You will actually use your underfloor heating, as it doesn’t cost the earth to run it
  • We have smart zoning systems which allow each room to be set at a different temperature
  • We can install underfloor heating in Napier, Hastings, Hawkes Bay and throughout the lower North Island of NZ
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