Upgrade your old hot water cylinder to a hot water heat pump you'll save money and have better water pressure!

A hot water heat pump is more efficient and cheaper to heat water than a standard hot water cylinder and it can be installed outside, freeing up space in your hot water cylinder cupboard! Find out more about the Ecoefficient Hot Water Heat Pump system

What are Hot Water Heat Pumps?

1. We supply and install the German engineered Stiebel Eltron 302 Litre hot water cylinder all in one hot water heat pump. Instead of the elements in the cylinder heating the hot water, the hot water heat pump extracts heat from the atmosphere and pushes it through a condenser which then heats the water.

2. They are 3-4 times more efficient at heating your water than a normal cylinder element.

3. This unit can handle 9x 5 minute high pressure showers in a row (or just over 4x 10 minute showers in a row).

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Solar Powered Hot water Heat Pump System

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Below is a list of frequently asked questions about hot water heat pumps.

  • Why should I upgrade to a hot water heat pump (HWHP)?
    There are many reasons to upgrade to a hot water heat pump: you’ll reduce your power bill, enjoy high water pressure, have more hot water and gain space inside (as this is an exterior unit).
  • Will a hot water heat pump save me money?
    If you are a family of 4-5, a hot water heat pump will save you about $1,000-$1,500 per year on your power bill – approximately the same amount as the repayment. This means that for the life of your loan, installing a hot water heat pump is a cost neutral decision and your monthly repayment will be close to what you are saving! Once your loan is paid back you’ll save even more. Of course, every situation is different so please use the form below to get in touch for a free quote.
  • How long will it take me to pay back the HBRC loan for HWHP installation?
    The HBRC loan scheme is over a 10-year period.
  • How do I pay the HBRC loan back?
    You make a monthly repayment by direct debit.
  • What happens if I sell my house before the loan is paid off?
    If you sell your house, you’ll have to pay the loan back upon house settlement.
  • How does a hot water heat pump work?
    A HWHP is a new and improved energy efficient way of heating the hot water in your house. Unlike older technology where the sun’s heat was used to heat the water on the roof, the HWHP uses natural energy from the air to efficiently heat the water. The pump attached to the top of the cylinder extracts heat from the atmosphere which increase’s the water temperature to 65 degrees – this requiring approximately one third the electricity required to achieve the same water temperature compared to a standard electric hot water cylinder.
  • How is a hot water heat pump installed?

    We’ll remove your existing hot water cylinder and install an outside, 300L mains (high) pressure cylinder/hot water heat pump. This will free up space in your cupboard inside giving you more storage inside.

  • What type of hot water heat pump does Ecoefficient use?

    We supply the Stiebel Eltron – a high quality German engineered hot water heat pump.