We get asked this question regularly and it’s a goodie! In such a competitive market, it’s important for any company to have effective differentiation to stand out from the crowd.

We have been in business for 5 years now and while Ecoefficient essentially started as a one-man band and we have now grown substantially; we are still classed as a small business. We believe this gives us the upper hand when speaking to prospective customers and we’ll explain why.

It’s crucial for us to not only deliver exceptional customer service but also to provide the best possible solar equipment that will last you the test of time. Our products are all top of the line, which means they have some of the longest warranty periods out of any other solar equipment on the market today. Solar is an investment and we want to ensure you are investing wisely.

We pride ourselves on delivering the best possible customer experience. Often to the larger companies, you’re just another number but to us… you are a valued customer. One we endeavor to build a relationship with whilst determining your needs, so that we can sell you a system tailored to your needs and not to our bank account. Often big cooperation’s are quite happy to wash their hands of once you have paid them and the job is done. For us, we have a comprehensive aftercare system in place. We want to ensure that you feel supported and looked after, even when the job is done. We really do value our customers and want them to be confident in the fact that when they purchase from us, the communication and support doesn’t stop at the completion of the install.

“These are establishments that are often the character of a neighbourhood, a community. The relationships created between customers and those that work in an independent business frequently go beyond just purchases — it becomes familial.” New York Magazine

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