We specialise in

Solar installations for residential homes and commercial properties.

Across Hawke's Bay, including Hastings, Napier and Central Hawkes Bay, Bay of Plenty and the central North Island.

Did you know?
You may be eligible to pay for your solar installation via your rates with a loan from the HB Regional Council.

Our Solutions

Solar Photovoltaic

Solar panels harness the sun's free energy and reduce your power bills! Unlike other renewable energy options, a static solar system is low maintenance & upkeep.

One size does not fit all
We tailor-design your solar system specific to your energy requirements.
10% ROI
It is important to most that you are adding value to your home, which you are!
Solar Batteries

We're an official Tesla distributor. These top-quality lithium-ion batteries hold their charge for longer and charge more quickly than other batteries.

Our battery storage options range from 4.8kW through to 14kW, however you can keep on adding to these and go much larger over time if required
10 year warranty
All of our batteries now come with a 10 year warranty
Hot Water Heat Pumps

Upgrade your old hot water cylinder to a super-efficient, high pressure hot water heat pump

Family of 4?
Then you could save more than $1000 a year by installing a hot water heat pump instead of a normal electric cylinder.
German engineered
We supply and install the German Stiebel Eltron 302 Litre hot water cylinder all in one hot water heat pump.
Commercial Solar Panel Solutions

Energy is crucial to the everyday running of a business, yet electricity prices continue to rise and power can often be one of the largest overheads a business owner can have.

Business needs
A solar panel system can be tailored to meet your business’ specific energy requirements.
25 year warranty
As testament to their reliability & longevity, these commercial panels come with a 25-year warranty.

Ecoefficient launched in 2016. Since then, we've completed hundreds of highly successful solar installs for residential homes and commercial premises, saving our clients thousands of dollars on their electricity bills whilst doing our bit for the planet.

We always strive to deliver excellent customer service from the moment you make contact, right through the quote and installation process – the amazing client feedback we receive is testament to this.
We know that quality is important to our customers, but we also understand that this needs to be balanced with affordability – therefore we’ve done our research and only offer the best value-for-money solar products available.
We partner with reputable, highly experienced installers and oversee the whole process, to ensure your installation is a positive, stress-free experience.

What our clients said about Ecoefficient

Here’s what our client’s have said about our products and service.