Reducing Overheads through Solar for Schools

If you're a school, we can help reduce your overheads with a comprehensive, large-scale solar installation.

We can design and install solar power at your school, just like we’ve done for Taradale High School in Napier!

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We’ve partnered with Energy Ease, who offer 10-year payment plans for large-scale solar installation across New Zealand, which provide benefits from Day 1.

Shining a Light on Sustainability

8 Reasons for Adopting Solar for Schools in the Hawke’s Bay Region

Going green

Solar for Schools is a clean and renewable power source, which can help shrink the carbon footprint of educational institutions in the region. By using solar power, schools can battle climate change and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Financial benefits

Installing solar panels can lead to significant long-term cost savings for Solar for Schools initiatives in Napier, Taradale, and Hawke’s Bay. The initial whack in solar energy systems can be offset by reduced power bills over time, allowing schools to redirect funds to other educational needs.

Choice learning opportunities

Implementing Solar for Schools throughout the region can provide a valuable learning opportunity for the young ones. They can learn about renewable energy, sustainability, and the importance of environmental stewardship through hands-on experiences and real-life examples.

Energy independence

Solar for Schools allows educational institutions to generate their own power, reducing their reliance on traditional energy sources. This can provide a sense of energy security and independence, which can be particularly helpful in the event of power outages or fluctuations in energy costs.

Community engagement

Installing solar panels in schools as part of Solar for Schools initiatives across the region can help raise awareness about renewable energy within the local community. It can inspire others to make similar environmentally conscious choices, fostering a culture of sustainability.

Low maintenance

Solar energy systems typically have fewer moving parts than traditional energy sources, leading to lower maintenance costs and fewer disruptions to school operations as part of Solar for Schools initiatives.

Improved air quality

By cutting back on fossil fuels, schools in the region that use Solar for Schools contribute to better air quality in their surrounding area. This can have a positive impact on the health and well-being of students, staff, and the local community.

Leading by example

By choosing to adopt Solar for Schools, educational institutions in Napier, Taradale, and Hawke’s Bay can demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and serve as a model for other institutions and organisations. This can encourage the widespread adoption of renewable energy, helping to shape a more sustainable future for the entire region.