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We supply premium panels with a 25 year product AND performance warranty

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Why Use Our PV Solar Panels?

We insist on using Trina Tier 1 solar panels, renowned for their technical attributes & high quality. Trina is a global leader in photovoltaic (PV) technology & sustainability practices & has been endorsed by Bloomberg New Energy Finance.
A Tier 1 solar panel is made by a manufacturer that has been rated in the top category by a reputable independent PV industry analyst. This means that the manufacturer performs at the highest level in areas like durability & quality, technical performance, service & support, financial stability & manufacturing scale.
We insist on using high-quality solar panels that are designed in Germany.
The companies we work with are reputable, well-established & quality-managed.
The panels are specifically designed for tough Australasian conditions – certified to withstand high winds, heavy snow, coastal salt & in the case of Rotorua, ammonia.
As testament to their reliability & longevity, they come with an industry-leading 25-year warranty.
Our range includes powerful 390 - 415 watt panels.
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The Importance of High-Quality Solar Panels for Your Home

Discover why investing in good quality solar panels is essential for your home solar panel installation, and learn about the factors that contribute to a solar panel's efficiency and reliability.
As the demand for renewable energy sources continues to grow, more and more homeowners are considering solar panel installations for their homes. With numerous benefits such as reduced electricity bills, increased property value, and lower carbon emissions, it's easy to see why solar energy is an attractive option. However, not all solar panels are created equal. In this article, we will discuss the importance of using good, high-quality solar panels in your solar panel installation to ensure the best performance, efficiency, and reliability.
Durability and Longevity
One of the most crucial factors to consider when choosing a solar panel is its efficiency. High-quality solar panels have a higher efficiency rating, which means they can convert more sunlight into usable electricity. This increased efficiency results in greater energy production, allowing you to generate more power from a smaller area. In addition, efficient solar panels can better withstand suboptimal conditions, such as shading or high temperatures, still producing a significant amount of electricity even when conditions aren't ideal.
When investing in a solar panel installation, it's essential to consider the longevity and durability of the solar panels. High-quality solar panels are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and last for a longer time, with warranties typically ranging from 25 to 30 years. This means you can rely on your solar panels to continue generating electricity and saving you money for decades to come. Lower quality solar panels may have shorter warranties and be more susceptible to damage, reducing the overall value of your solar energy investment.
Choosing high-quality solar panels also means that you're investing in a more reliable energy source. Good solar panels are manufactured with stringent quality control processes to minimize the risk of defects and ensure consistent performance. This means that you can trust your solar panel installation to produce electricity efficiently and dependably throughout its lifespan. Low-quality solar panels may suffer from performance issues, leading to a decline in energy production and, ultimately, a negative impact on your energy savings.
Return on Investment
Finally, investing in high-quality solar panels can lead to a better return on investment. With higher efficiency, longer warranties, and more reliable performance, good solar panels will generate more electricity and save you more money over their lifespan. Additionally, high-quality solar panels can increase the value of your property, making it a more attractive prospect for potential buyers.
When it comes to solar panel installations, quality matters. Investing in high-quality solar panels will ensure better efficiency, durability, reliability, and environmental impact, ultimately leading to a higher return on investment. By choosing good solar panels for your home, you can maximize the benefits of solar energy and make a wise, long-lasting investment in a cleaner, more sustainable future.