The Benefits of Solar Engergy

Why should you go solar?

Benefits of Solar Energy. Firstly, to help save money on your power bill!

Why should you go solar?

You can always add more solar panels and a battery to your system at a later date if you wish to. It’s better to get on the solar bandwagon now, then not at all.


You can potentially reduce your power-bill from anywhere from 40-85%.


You gain independence from the power companies, and with power rates going up by 5% per year you can feel assured you are making the right commitment in solar


You get around a 10% return on your investment


You can have power available to you in a power cut (only if you have batteries)


You are reducing your carbon footprint with a completely renewable source of energy


It adds value to your home (around 1.25% on the initial investment)


It pays to be green

Watch our short one-minute video to learn even more benefits of installing solar in your home.

Did you know?
45,000 properties in NZ now have solar (Sept 2022) and there is an expected uptake of a further 40,000 properties each year, every year, for the next eight years!
We have many types of inverters we can provide but will make a recommendation depending on your needs and your property
Solar always comes first, the grid will help your appliances out if your solar is not producing enough power and with the use of timers, it can be pushed into various appliances in your property, e.g., your hot water cylinder or spa pool.
If you don’t have a solar battery, we can make your inverter battery-ready in case you decide on one later
A DC (Direct Current) is produced from these panels, so this needs to be changed to AC (Alternating Current)
Your Solar Inverter will invert this DC current to
AC current
Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Panels are typically installed on your roof which is either North, East or West
The power from the inverter is then distributed around your powered appliances. Anything that is running at that moment in time will suck up your solar power.
If there is any excess power and you have a battery system, then the power is diverted into the battery.
You don’t necessarily have to be home during the day to experience the benefits of solar power.
If there is any excess power once the battery and home is happy, then this is sent back to the grid, you get back up to 12.5c per kWh exported

Unlocking the Lesser-Known Benefits of Solar Energy: A Brighter Future Awaits

benefits of solar energy

While the environmental and financial advantages of solar power are well-known, there are several lesser-known benefits of solar energy that are equally compelling. These hidden perks can significantly impact various aspects of daily life and the environment, making solar energy an even more attractive option for those considering making the switch.

Conserving water resources

The production of solar energy requires considerably less water than traditional energy sources, such as coal and nuclear power plants. By reducing the demand for water-intensive energy production, solar power indirectly helps to conserve precious water resources, which is particularly relevant in regions prone to drought or water scarcity.

Noise reduction

Solar energy systems operate with minimal noise, as they have no moving parts. This is a stark contrast to the mechanical hum and buzz often associated with traditional power plants. The quiet operation of solar panels makes them ideal for installation in residential areas, contributing to a more peaceful living environment.

Versatility and adaptability

Solar panels can be installed in a variety of settings, from rooftops to open fields, and even on bodies of water. This flexibility allows for the optimization of available space, without requiring large-scale infrastructure changes. Additionally, solar energy systems can be easily scaled up or down to meet changing energy needs, offering a future-proof solution.

Boosting local economy and job creation

The growing solar energy industry creates numerous opportunities for skilled workers and technicians, thereby fostering job growth and promoting local economic development. By choosing solar power, communities can benefit from the employment opportunities generated in the renewable energy sector.

Supporting grid resilience

Solar energy, when used in conjunction with battery storage systems, can help enhance the resilience of power grids. In the event of power outages or natural disasters, solar-powered systems with energy storage can provide a reliable source of electricity, ensuring essential services and infrastructure continue to function.

Improved energy efficiency

Solar panels convert sunlight into electricity with relatively high efficiency rates, and technological advancements continue to improve this conversion rate. This increased efficiency means solar energy systems can produce more electricity with fewer resources, further reducing their environmental impact.

By exploring the lesser-known benefits of solar energy, it becomes clear that this renewable energy source offers a multitude of advantages beyond the more commonly cited reasons. Embracing solar power not only leads to a more sustainable future but also fosters economic growth, improved quality of life, and efficient use of resources.